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Anne Harvey
Anne Harvey
Anne Harvey (1916 -1967 )  

Anne Harvey was an American artist who worked primarily in France. Her admirers included Giacometti (who bought a painting), Calder (who commissioned a painting,) Miro, Brancusi (her first teacher) and Duchamp (who offered to arrange a show of her work in America just before he died.) She exhibited her work occasionally, first in Chicago in the thirties and later in Paris, and then as part of both exhibitions of women artists at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of this Century.Texts by Patrick Waldberg, Brancusi and Andre Masson accompanied her exhibitions. Lawrence Campbell reviewing her 1971 memorial exhibition at the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery describes the singular quality of her line. He writes,"In her work we can truly sense what the privacy of the expression,"travailler après la nature"can mean to an artist as withdrawn and secretive as she was.The act of trying to draw the grain of a board on the studio floor-her studio was wherever she was, indoors or out-unfailingly triggered imaginative responses. She saw patterns inside other patterns, and these hair-like patterns became quirky fine ink lines or in paintings, paint, meandering, eddying, dissolving, disappearing, then coming into focus elsewhere, as though the wood grain pushed her ever deeper into a world she could see as well as invent at the same time." John Ashbery, in a 1966 Art News Annual writing about American painters in Paris describes her ". . . curious metaphysical still lives . . . that look conventional during the first few seconds of glimpsing, but this effect is quickly replaced by a perception of the probing anguish of an almost Jamesian dissecting eye . . . a curious anxiety, tempered by the exhilaration is the result."