steven harvey fine arts project
Paradise: underground culture in NYC 1978-84

Richard Morrison, Street Scene, nd, photograph, 6 x 9.5 inches (detail)



October 12 - November 14, 2016
steven harvey fine art projects
208 Forsyth Street New York, NY 10002
gallery hrs: Wed – Sun, 12 - 6pm and by appt

Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects presents Paradise: Underground Culture in NYC 1978-84, a group exhibition. The exhibition includes original xerox posters for bands, films and theater, paintings, drawings, photography and films by artists including:

Barbara Ess
Glenn Branca
Walter Robinson
Richard Morrison
Eric Mitchell
John Lurie
Jane Dickson
Bill Rice
Taro Suzuki
Charlie Ahearn
Pat Place
Peter Hujar
Ericka Beckman
Vivienne Dick
Steve Keister
Pat Bates
Arthur Russell
Bobby G
Rona Gheysens
Zoe Leonard
James Nares
Cara Perlman
Jane Sherry
Beth & Scott B
David Wojnarowicz
Jack Smith
Jeff Weiss
Christopher Wool
Coleen Fitzgibbon
Peter Fend
Richard McGuire
Virge Piersol
Tucker Hewes
Tom Lee
Kevin Larmon
Francie Lyshak

Conversation Between Steven Harvey and Tim Lawrence,he author of LIFE AND DEATH ON THE NEW YORK DANCE FLOOR, 1980-83, just publised by Duke University Press Sunday, October 16, 3 pm

Please contact the gallery at or 917-861-7312 for further information or images.


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